Little game idea that I have developed for the WeeklyGameJam  65 - Watch your step.

You have to get to the "X" spot without falling into the water. 

To move you have to pick 3 steps from the available ones and click on "Move!". All available steps are randomly generated, so it never plays the same and it may be that you do not get a valid play sometimes (Yeah, I bet some pirates have died for no reason in the past).

Game is simple but it should take you a couple tries to get to the last level (10).

I have also recorded the full game making session and will post a video soon showing it all. for now, please visit my youtube channel for videos on how to make games:


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It was fun! I think it could benefit from some extra special blocks, and having sand blocks fall out when you end your turn on them would add some extra variety to the strategy.  All in All, fantastic.

Thanks! On my to-do list I had a couple additional special blocks that I didn't have the time to implement. I'll pick up on this game later on and implement the suggested changes!